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Semi Flush Mounts

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Modern Semi Flush Mount Lights

To illuminate your space with downward case lighting, choose a close to ceiling lighting source. We have numerous close to ceiling lights that encompass a wide variety of styles and are made out of diverse quality materials to fit the interior decoration of your home. Close to ceiling lights encompass both flush mount ceiling lights and semi flush mount ceiling lights, which serve different purposes.

Flush mount ceiling lights are installed even to the ceiling and feature a compact design. This type of low profile lighting is an impeccable choice for smaller spaces like bathrooms, closets and hallways. Semi flush mount ceiling lights provide nearly half of a foot of distance from the ceiling to the lighting source.

Semi flush mount lighting is typically more ornamental than flush mount ceiling lights and is best suited for larger rooms with high ceilings like the living space or foyer.

Regardless of which close to ceiling lights you choose, if you want to achieve a modern look, choose close to ceiling lights that feature patterns, chrome or geometric shapes. To create a luxurious atmosphere at an affordable price, consider purchasing lights that have dangling crystals or crystal bursts.