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Intellectual Property Laws

The site’s content falls under the protection of intellectual property legislation, including current copyright and trademark laws. All content on this site is owned by LampLane, LLC. We have developed our website for non-commercial use by visitors. You may download and store content from the site for personal use, but you are forbidden from distributing our content via media broadcast or by posting it on a network. We retain our full rights to our content even when you download and store our content, and we require that you do not change the materials.

Inquiries and Comments

If you have questions or comments about our website, please feel free to contact us. Our address is LampLane, LLC, Customer Service, 1845 Federal Ave., #203 Los Angeles, CA 90025. We claim the ownership of your submissions and may exercise intellectual property rights to the contents of your inquiries and comments. This allows LampLane, LLC to use the contents of your submissions in an unrestricted fashion, without compensating you or providing you with notice.

Relinquishment of Company Responsibility

LampLane, LLC makes this website available to users as it stands and makes no explicit or implicit claims about the site’s content, messages, or services. By using the site, the visitor allows LampLane, LLC to waive all responsibility for any type of harm that can result from the use of the site. Such damages that are not the responsibility of LampLane, LLC, may include, but are not limited to, express and implicit warranties of products and services. The user agrees to accept full responsibility for the consequences of using this site and will not claim any punitive, consequential, incidental, direct, or indirect damages.

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Limitation of Liability

By using this site, you are indicating your understanding and agreement that the maximum value of LampLane, LLC’s liability is no more than the fee that you paid for the service of using this site. If the contract that binds you to the terms of service is broken, the company will not be responsible for damages that have a value of more than the amount you paid. No damages arising from the use of the site are attributable to LampLane, LLC.


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