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Modern Pendant Lighting

Highlight the focal point of any room with illuminating pendant lights. Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and either provides ambiance or concentrated light for vision enhancing purposes. Removing old pendant lighting and installing updated mini pendant lights or other pendants can change a ho-hum living space into a perfectly lit space to complete chores or to set the mood just right.

Selecting a Pendant Light

When you select pendant lighting, think about the level of light intensity that is necessary. For task based activities like chopping onions at the kitchen island select pendant lights with a focused downlight pendant and hang them in odd numbers from the ceiling over the center of the island. For mood lighting hang inverted pendants in odd numbers to shift light upward, for example, over a bed to create the perfect ambiance.

If space constraints are present in your home, for example, in the bathroom, consider hanging a series of our quality mini pendant lights above the sink to brighten the space.